We believe business owners should have reliable and timely financial information to make confident decisions.

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Most business owners are tired of substandard, unreliable accounting information.  They need reliable information and good advice.  When making decisions they don't want to feel confused, frustrated and hesitant anymore.

As a business owner you should have confidence in your accounting system, the advice you receive and the decisions you make.


"McSwain Hiott CPAs provides us with a clear financial picture of our business health along with reliable future forecasting. This financial grounding helps us make better decisions as we work to scale, and we’ve already seen significant growth…"

– Jamie Nadeau, Ink Meets Paper

I often recommend McSwain Hiott CPAs. Anyone who needs help navigating business strategy would benefit from a partnership with these guys. We wouldn't be where we are today without them.

– Nate Justiss, Distil Union

What We Do

  1. Make sure you have reliable financial information.
  2. Provide reporting and analysis.
  3. Prepare budgets and forecasts.
  4. Tax returns and tax planning.

Our clients no longer worry about doing what they don't like to do.  They have reliable financial information and someone to discuss business matters with.  They have a financial plan that leads to confident decision making.

We want business owners to transition from uncertainty in profitability, not understanding their cash flow and not having a plan for growth. To being informed business owners with a financial plan and making timely, confident decisions as their business grows.