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We build strong and reliable relationships with our clients.

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McSwain & Hiott CPAs
1535 Hobby Street
Suite 203B
North Charleston, SC 29405

Mac McSwain, CPA
(843) 224-3271

Steve Hiott, CPA
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Our "Why"

We help entrepreneurs positively impact the lives of others and improve their communities.

We believe they have the courage, skills, and creativity to make communities better.

Our "How"

We make business success simple for the entrepreneur by using technological processes, step-by-step business management approaches, and easily understood business metrics to deliver customer satisfaction.

Our "What"

We provide outsourced accounting services, financial controllership, compliance assurance, and easily understood analytics to make a business run smoothly. Most importantly, we provide sound and reliable business advice so the entrepreneur can focus on more important things, like...

...educating future leaders, improving medical capabilities, fighting poverty, increasing literacy, and supporting community development, and safety projects.

With our help, our clients are changing the world!

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